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  • Food Hose
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Lee Flex Hose Honor

China's rubber hose industry NO.1. Owns 100 Mayer braiding machines. which covers 50000 ㎡ and the manufacturing base is 15000㎡.

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Hydraulic Rubber Hose

Super anti-aging,The minimum usable period is 5 to 10 years.Resistant to chemical corrosion, resistance to freon, strong acid, alkali and sulfide.

Water discharge hose

Water discharge hose for irrigation and construction . wear-resisting oxidation-resistivity Safety

Food grade hose

Application: Hard, smooth hose for transporting most chemical foods, petroleum products and greases. Tested and approved by INERIS for use in explosion-proof applications.

Chemical Hose

Applications: Suction and transfer service for a variety of chemicals and acid. will handle 98% of existing chemmicals wear-resisting oxidation-resistivity Safety