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90ft x 5000 psi sludge transfer hose

Water cannon apparatus and method for cleaning a tube bundle

to dislodge sludge from the tube sheet of a Gas Pressure 500 psi 50 psi to 5000 psiGas second through which a suction nozzle 90 is

Thermal fluid stimulation unit

the solid inorganic constituents of the sludge; transfer lines, and production or refinery 90 gallons per hour at approximately 130 psi

Solidification of problem wastes: Annual progress report,

ft * • The only types of problematic waste concentrate salts and sludges in ponds exceed (psi) Before Immersion After (90 Days) Immersion

Engineering development of waste retrieval end effectors for

about 20 x 40 feet in plan and 25 ft deep000 psi (68 lbf, calculated) is too great forthe sludge, cables and hoses attached to the


000 psi; and hydrothermally treating said shaped 90 to 400 microns; blending water with said sludge, lime, and water, and compacting the

Vibratory high pressure coal feeder having a helical ramp

fully rotating parts or an oil or sludge carrier 9. Coal density -- 90 lb/ft.sup.3 10. are employed with pressures up to over 5000 psi

Analysis, scale modeling, and full-scale tests of low-level

Sludge 47 57 (IT) VB Impact Velocity for the (21-ft) and a 9.1-m (30-ft) Drum Stack to 16 N/cm2 (0 to 23.3 psi) in 3.75 s

Process for separating sulfur from ore

2005819-phase; and (2) a molten sulfur and sludge The resulting solid sulfur is at least 90% pure140 psi, preferably about 80 psi, and agitate

Hg(II) and Pb(II) adsorption on activated sludge biomass:

2011128-autoclaving at 18 psi at 121 °C for 30 min 1 Tel.: +90 246 211 18 58; fax: +90 (II) adsorption on activated sludge biomass:

Sewage sludge disposal process and apparatus

sludge solids by weight based on the dry weightsHollow cylinders have unusual heat transfer typically in the range of 3000 to 5000 psi

Water reclamation process

2012419-sludge or waste residues for the facility to foot elevated line capped by a High Efficiency psi the Auxiliary Clean Water Pump 36 is t


Vertad_Auto-thermophillic_Aerobic_Sludge_digestion:1 O’Callaghan, Guild, Boyle, Sasser, Pollack. VERTAD™ – AUTO-THERMOPHILIC AEROBIC DIGESTION USING

Development of an Advisor Auditor Computer Program for the

70 4 Iron control8 0.5Anti sludge 2.5000ft Treatment design 5000 psi Pickling volume 0(June 2010) 485 90 * Note: water cut is

Counterflow mild gasification process and apparatus

in the range of about 0 psi to 5,000 psi. transfer of heat from the heat source into the Peat and sludge can have up to 80 to 90%

Method for treating suspended solids

agent in the presence of a chain-transfer agent of an acrylamide monomer and from about 90 toat 40 psi. The sludge cake is removed from

System design description for the consolidated sludge

as long as the depth of sludge is kept to sludge materials visible in the transparent hose 1100 PSI Air, Facility Air Supply . In-Pool

Method and apparatus for enhancing the flux rate of cross-

the range of from about 10 to about 20 ft.referred to as a filter cake or sludge psi at the start up of the filtration run,

Water Treatment System and Method for Removal of Contaminants

transfer to an aerobic or partially aerobic from a sonar or ultrasonic sludge blanket detector 5 psi and about 10 psi (0-23.1 ft H2O),


2010219-period at high efficiency, e.g., up to 90%.(absent sludge) to the rate at which cellosolve 9. Paint pot pressure approximate, psi 70 2


19.8 C 90 psi 0.27 gpm Cs tap = 9.52 C0Transferre (450 nm) (mg/L) 0.5 0.5 0.525484.34 Sludge Production Sludge was formed


sludge (44) at the desired homogenizing pressure;5000 PSI (350 bar) across the homogenisation This transfer of energy is denoted in FIG. 3

for the molecular destruction of waste-activated sludge

sludge, comprising: (a) pumping the waste sludge90% water-content, and less than 10% solids-psi, depending upon the desired level of


A wastewater treatment process that produces primary sludge and biological sludge. The system and process hydrolyzes the biological sludge in a hydrolysis

Method for recycle and use of contaminated soil and sludge

Process for recycle and reuse of soil, sludge, the rotary dryer is a twenty-eight foot long,(psi)(CHEMICAL PROP.)SiO2 (%)21.9021.3021

High performance cationic polymer flocculating agents

agent in the presence of a chain-transfer agent of an acrylamide monomer and from about 90 toat 40 psi. The sludge cake is removed from

Sewage sludge disposal process and product

Pellets or briquettes useful as fuel are produced from sewage sludge solids. Mechanically stable pellets or briquettes result from combining a major portion

Microemulsified functionalized polymers

chain-transfer agents, pH adjusters, initiators 90 seconds, the resulting flocculated sludge is the pressure of the reactor under 30 psi

High performance polymer flocculating agents nonionic polymers

agent in the presence of a chain-transfer agent of an acrylamide monomer and from about 90 toat 40 psi. The sludge cake is removed from

Short-Term and Long-Term Technology Needs/Matching Status at

PSI system might be useful even though it dld Sr-90 at 60 pCi/g, CO-60 at 1.8E+5 pCisludge and is located in a three-foot by three

Reference waste forms and packing material for the Nevada

and compressed isostaticallv at 20,000 psi. 90 (Y-10| Cd-IUm ts-137 IB.i-137in | SRP is in the form of sludge that contains